When the gales of doom descend, I want to be completely self-sufficient - and survive. 

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brendan brady + fan favourites

Cheryl and Brendan’s relationship descends further in to troubled waters when the younger sibling finds out about the other’s past with her schoolgirl crush, Eoghan. With Brendan in the most vulnerable state he’s seen, Ste becomes determined to get both siblings to repair their damaged relationship. When the older Brady goes to thank his former lover for the kind words he’d shared with Cheryl, he is left revealing a lot more about his state of mind. Brendan seems to have re-evaluated the people in his life, and Ste is the one person he wants to keep close. He doesn’t have to keep on looking anymore, because there is no one else. 

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"Of course I’ve seen that because somebody sent that to me and when I saw that I was like ‘It’s the… it’s the… Into the Woods guy!!’"

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PointlessBlog || The Annoying Challenge!  

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River you know my name. You whispered my name in my ear. There’s only one way I would ever tell anyone my name. There’s only one time I could.

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"#isitok to ask if Josh and Alex didn’t call each other before getting dressed tonight?"

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these two have killed meimage

Darren: That was the first video I ever saw of this kid and then I started realizing this was the same kid I kept hearing about. And there was all these pins on the map of my life that i had to finally had to connect.

Tyler: Oh My God.

Darren: That oh it’s the same guy!

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I’d almost say you were in love…

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Everton 3-6 Chelsea [BPL] 30/08/2014

Steven Naismith 69’ (Assist: Aiden McGeady)

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