Happy 43rd birthday, David! (April 18th, 1971) 

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The easy way that Blaine says that. “You’re gonna wake up and realize ‘I don’t love him anymore.’” He just shrugs, like it’s an inevitability. Like this is something he’s thought about so often, he’s desensitized to it.

And yet there are tears in his eyes. Because no matter how often he thinks about it, it still scares him so much. And he’s scared that now that he’s finally said it out loud, it’ll become reality.

Then Kurt comes in and says, “Never.” Such a definitive answer. He didn’t just say, “Of course not.” He said “Never.” And then he added, “I’m always gonna love you.” Always. This is all Blaine has ever wanted to hear since they broke up, and now he’s heard it.

Let’s hope they can move on from this now and be happy together without always fighting about petty things.

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Torchwood Meme [1/3] Brotps Friendships - Toshiko Sato + Jack Harkness

#wow who told you this was fuckin legal

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Flawless CastsTorchwood 


It would be unfair to leave those two great characters without a clip.) Like Phil and John`s acting duo no matter what fandom it is))



 to remember the 96 at the Hillsborough memorial service.


Bow ties are cool.


"Everton are with you, you know that"

i am so unbelievably proud to have him as our manager.

25 years today, never forget those who didnt make it home. jtf96

Everton remembers,  ♥

merseyside united

❝As my chairman said last year, the authorities took on the wrong city.❞

— Roberto Martinez, Everton manager, addresses the memorial service for the 96 at Anfield (via bluepalmer)

"Everton remembers. We always will"- Roberto Martinez


I’ve always enjoyed fashion and dressing up for things, whether it’s high fashion or play fashion. - Darren Criss