Shameless appreciation post for how adorable this moment is - he is nervous and doesn’t know what to say to her which just completely takes her out of her thoughts and she can’t help but smile at him.

Don’t underestimate Ruth Hattersley… (Chasing Shadows, Episode 2/4)

Well I was never lonely ‘till the day that I was born,
Since that day I masquerade in a skin that I have worn. 

It’s just my skin. 

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Felicity & 'Mr. Queen'

If your way is so infallible, then where is she?

I will put you there and turn out the light in your eyes and come to stare at you for centuries, to pore over you, because you are mine, my treasure, my hoard, and I cannot keep you and I cannot let you go.

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"Have you got a husband?" 

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It’s in the little things - everyday, comfortable habits
that have somehow become you and me.

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BAFTA nominated Television Comedy Promgramme


favourite character meme

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Eve: Welcome to Torchwood! [x] [+ twood cast?]

 This girl you were looking for you didn’t find her? She is the only thing that matters to you Sean. And you know that…

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I wouldn’t change a single second of your happiness or misery, But, with all that said, I think there are some things you ought to know, just to make your journey smoother, a bit less bumpy on the go. [Watch]

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